NoTe District

Project Description

North Temple is an up-and-coming community just outside of downtown Salt Lake City that boasts the most diverse population in the city. It is a dynamic mixture of both residential and commercial development.

The initial focus was to develop a brand around the “River District at North Temple” concept, focusing on businesses along the commercial strip, but we discovered that there was much more to the community than just this corridor.

The highlight of the community was a newly-completed TRAX light rail transportation line that runs along the vital North Temple corridor, connecting downtown to the airport. It’s an important component to the future growth and attraction of the community, and we felt that it was a competitive advantage to consider when developing the new brand.

We expanded the marketing committee beyond members of the business alliance to pull in a wider community perspective and to develop a greater understanding of how to cultivate the area as a destination for shopping and living.

After much discussion and engagement of stakeholders it was decided to change the community brand to just “North Temple”. We explored many approaches, but ultimately chose the acronym “NoTe District” to represent NOrth TEmple and took inspiration from the light rail signage in the design concepts.

We also developed a comprehensive marketing plan that focused on both business and residential outreach efforts. The marketing team was very pleased with this journey as they were the drivers of the change in position and ultimately took great ownership of the outcomes.

As a result the community developed a website, installed branded street banners, partnered with a local business to install their new logo as a mural on a prominently located building, launched social media channels, produced new events and more. Under the leadership of NeighborWorks Salt Lake, they have fully embraced this new brand and have taken great ownership in building it.

Project Details

  • Client: NeighborWorks Salt Lake
  • Goals: Create a unique and authentic identity for a community with a strong mixture of residential and commercial development.
  • Results: A re-evaluation of the proposed brand approach that culminated in a more holistic community-wide brand that leveraged high profile assets. Implementation of many components of the marketing plan.